As Christians, we have a responsibility to share boldly God’s truth with others. Indeed, God is at work throughout our diocese, calling us to build up the church, Christ’s own body.  We are called to renew and revitalize parishes, to form new worshipping communities in growing areas of the diocese, and to develop new programs of leadership for evangelism and youth ministry.  We are called to renew our relationships with First Nations brothers and sisters.  God is also calling us to look into the future and explore new ways of being church. We are invited to respond to God’s call for fresh expressions of church and new communities of faith where they are needed.  

As a diocese, we must not be satisfied with just getting by – we are called to reach for greater things. We must continuously challenge ourselves to live our diocesan mission: Proclaiming the Gospel – Making Disciples – Furthering the Kingdom. These are not merely words but a way of thinking and behaving. These are guiding principles for how we live as followers of Christ and how we build our parish communities.


Reach Campaign from EdmontonAnglican on Vimeo.