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Confirmation with Kokum will be led together by the Rev. Nick and Elisa Hillier. It is open to any baptised person seeking confirmation aged 10+. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about and explore the faith of our baptism through the Creeds and Scripture, as well as through Elisa’s teachings about the Four Directions and Seven Sacred teachings which have shaped her faith as an Indigenous follower of Jesus.

Gatherings for teachings will be in person at St. Luke’s, October 17, 24, and Nov 7, 14, at 1 pm. Masking and distancing are required for youth; vaccinations are required for those 12 and over.

Bishop Stephen London will be visiting St. Luke’s to celebrate the confirmations on November 21. Email Rev. Nick ( to sign up for the classes or for more information.

Confirmation is a sacrament for affirming our baptismal covenant. Confirmation is how we say “YES!” to the faith of our baptism and the life of the Spirit we receive in it. For some, we were baptised as infants or young children, and confirmation is a way to make for ourselves the commitment to faith that was made on our behalf when we were baptised. For others, as we have grown in faith the way we know and live the truth of life with Jesus has matured and we want to confirm again this new understanding of life in faith in the midst of the congregation, with the whole church and before God.