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Good news about 2018 church calendars!  

  • The liturgical colours are back.
  • The pictures are more varied and artistic.
  • Edmonton Diocese is featured, with a picture of Archdeacon Chris Pappas administering “Ashes-To-Go” in the month of February.  

The cost varies depending on the order:   

  • $5.00 (1-9)
  • $3.50 (10-99)
  • $3.40 (100-999)
  • $3.30 (1000 +)  

As of August 16 we are up to 686. The diocese covers shipping costs when you order through the Synod Office.

Please contact the Synod Office no later than September 8. Include your parish, the number of calendars you want, and a contact person, with email or phone number.