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It's back! Last year's September Coffee Fundraiser was so successful, we've decided to do it again.

The Mothers' Union in our sister diocese of Buyé launched an amazingly practical initiative in 2018, helping senior citizens and less advantaged families to get a medical card, which gives them 80% medical coverage for a full year. The card costs about $5, but that is out of reach for many of the people who need it most.

When the Rev. Danielle Lepine and the Rev. Rebecca Harris heard about it, they thought, 'this is a simple and practical way to help.' If parishioners in our diocese contribute just $5 at their coffee time each Sunday in September, we can really make a difference.

If your parish can help, simply mark the funds you raise "$5-5 Ways for Buyé" and send them directly to Diocesan Treasurer John Gee at the Synod Office. POSTER