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Following the worship service that opened the 68th Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton on Friday evening, October 21, elections were held to fill several important positions in the ongoing governance of the diocese. Diann Bowes of St. Timothy's Anglican Church in Edmonton served as Electoral Officer, ably accompanied by a team of scrutineers who counted late into Friday night to present the results for Saturday morning. The diocese thanks them all!

Following are the positions on the ballot and the people who were acclaimed or elected to them.

Serving on Executive Council from each of five deaneries

From Battle River Deanery:

  • Clergy: the Ven. Rachael Parker (acclaimed)
  • Laity: Mikaela Hanley and Sheila Mackay (acclaimed)

From Cold Lake Deanery: 

  • Clergy: the Rev. Colleen Sanderson
  • Laity: Cathy Armstrong and Betty Kaawha (acclaimed)

From Edmonton West Deanery:

  • Clergy: no candidate
  • Laity: Emily Stephen-Garneau and Derek Ware

From Whitemud Deanery:

  • Clergy: the Rev. Danielle Key (acclaimed)   
  • Laity:  Matthew Mercer-Deadman and Tricia Laffin   

From Yellowhead Deanery:

  • Clergy: the Rev. Clare Stewart (acclaimed)   
  • Laity: Shelby Cook and Greg Heaton (acclaimed)   

Representing the Diocese at Provincial Synod

  • Clergy: the Rev. Akon Akon, the Rev. Danielle Key and the Rev. Colleen Sanderson  
  • Laity: Cathy Armstrong and Matthew Mercer-Deadman 
  • Youth: Emily Stephen-Garneau 

Representing the Diocese at General Synod

  • Clergy: the Rev. Danielle Key and the Rev. Jordan Haynie Ware 
  • Laity: Cathy Armstrong and Matthew Mercer-Deadman 
  • Youth: Emily Stephen-Garneau 

All nominees who were not elected stand as alternates, should those named above be unable to attend their respective Synods.

Forming the Diocesan Court:

  • Clergy: the Rev. Akon Akon and the Rev. Christopher Cook
  • Laity: Rob Reynolds and Renee Moore 

Serving as Recorders for the 69th Synod:

  • Clergy: the Rev. Christopher Cook (acclaimed)
  • Lay: Alison Hurlburt (acclaimed)