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The disciples on the Road to Emmaus were about at their lowest point. Their whole world had been turned on its head, and everything they thought they had known about their calling had seemingly come crashing down. But then they were met by Jesus, who had shown up as a fellow traveler willing to go with them on that wilderness path. And as they walked, he reminded them of the great story of God which had brought them to that point, and they began to glimpse a new chapter that included them too; one that was far more than they could ask or imagine. The walk turned from one snuffed out by frustration and sorrow to one rekindled with the fire of expectation and hope, and they ran to tell others while considering: “Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road?”

The 69th Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton is gathering this fall around these biblical words as our theme. Like many churches during this time, our faith community seems to be on an "Emmaus Road" journey. There is a lot about our direction and vocation as a family of Jesus-followers that is shifting and is in disarray. We are beginning to see that we are setting out from static stability to move along new paths. But we are unsure of the right steps to take or where they will lead us.

Now is a time for us to stick together and to walk and talk more closely for a while. It is a time to remind one another of the foundational Gospel story at the center of it all. It is a time to begin to recognise anew the Jesus who is still showing up in unexpected people, places and ways.

In preparation for coming together at Synod, we are developing a one-session bible study on the Emmaus Road scripture for congregational use. We hope this study will be a resource for parishes and delegates to Synod to reflect, discern and prepare our spirits and hearts for the work we need to do together.

We encourage parishes to offer the bible study in their local contexts sometime in late September/early October as they are able. An online diocesan engagement of the same study will be offered on September 21, via Zoom. More information will be forthcoming as we move through the summer months.

Join us on the road together, hearts burning within us as we go!

The 69th Synod of the Diocese of Edmonton, "Hearts Burning Within Us," will be held on Friday, October 18, and Saturday, October 19, 2024. OFFICIAL NOTICE