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Odeion School of Music in South Africa is the alma mater of Jacobus (Kobie) Kloppers, much-loved organist and music director at the parish of St. John the Evangelist in Edmonton. This week, OSM announced the release of a new book that tells the remarkable story of Kobie’s journey from life in 1970s apartheid South Africa to re-settlement in Canada, and the way that journey has shaped his music. The editor, Prof Martin Viljoen, engaged with sources in South Africa, as well as the University of Alberta and The King’s University in Edmonton to gather material for the book, which is published by Sun Media Bloemfontein. A Passage of Nostalgia: The Life and Work of Jacobus Kloppers will be formally launched later this year.

Kobie is loved at St. John’s not only for his music and commitment to musical excellence, but for his consistently gentle and humble demeanor and the loving way he nurtures and cares for his fellow musicians and every member of his choirs. 

Please click here to see the Facebook notice of the book release and links to Kobie's music on YouTube.