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"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10) is my favourite verse from the bible. During this time of uncertainty they are words that I repeat often. I am blessed to be isolated with two of my daughters so I am not alone. When the girls are working, I am enjoying the antics of a new puppy, Jake, and seeing tolerance in action on the part of Ron, the cat. I am still, and I see God in these innocent animals.

The challenge for me during this pandemic is the physical distancing, not being able to hug a friend whose husband just passed or interact with members of our church family. Our rector the Rev. Nick Trussell’s decision to continue with our Lenten Study on the last words of Christ provided an opportunity for our church family to see each other online, say 'hi' before we started our study, pray and sing together, and share our reflections on the words. We are now starting a study of Ephesians, building on the hope and inspiration found in Paul’s words... a relevant study indeed. Meeting in real time fills me with joy!  

I take comfort in knowing God is with us every step of this journey and that we can still gather as his disciples. Alleluia! Stay healthy everyone.

Submitted by Gail Smith, People's Warden at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Edmonton