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Bleeding Heart Art Space, a growing ministry of the Edmonton diocese, has moved to a new home. When the lease expired on the Alberta Avenue storefront gallery, the Bleeding Heart team set about transforming an office space on the top floor of the building next door. The grand opening takes place Sept 15-17 during Kaleido Festival.  

Supported by private donors and volunteers, this ministry needs to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of renovations. New paint. New wall. New floors. New community bar. So much beauty for so little. Your gift - every gift - will help make this dream a reality by the time Bleeding Heart re-opens on September 13! Donate online at

St. Faith's Arts Chaplain Dave Von Bieker is reaching out to parishes to help spread the word about the space. There are opportunities for churches to partner on projects, says Dave, as well as for parishioners to donate and volunteer. For more info, please email:      

The gallery's next exhibit is Jennifer Berkenbosch's: Cultivar - a series of bright, beautiful abstract mixed-media paintings inspired by the quotidian, everyday experiences at Sundog Organic Farm - where she lives and works.