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In an update from Buye diocese to Edmonton diocesan treasurer the Rev. John Gee,  the Rev. Audace Kwizera Diocesan, diocesan secretary, is thankful for the prayer support they have received during this extremely busy season of confirmations. 

He also reports that a donation of $5,460, raised by parishes throughout the 2018 $5-5 Ways campaign, has enabled the Mother's Union to provide 1,092 senior citizens in 20 of 28 parishes (an average of 54 women per parish) with medical cards that entitle them to 80% medical coverage.

"So we are praying we can help other elderly from the 9 remaining parishes," he says. "A card has a warranty of only one year, and the cards given by November and December 2018 are coming into expiration, so they will need new ones in a couple of months." 

To give to the 2019 $5-5 Ways Campaign, please participate in your parish coffee-hour drive or send a donation directly to the Diocese of Edmonton. 10035-103 St NW, Edmonton, T5J 0X5, and indicate it is for "Buye Medical Cards."

We are pleased to share a few of the testimonies received by Buye diocese Bishop Sixbert Macumi: 

UWIMANA Charlotte 59 years old from Mwumba Parish, interviewed two months after she received the medical cards: The medical card is being so helpful to me and my family. When I got it my husband was admitted at Buye hospital and we spent 41 days in the hospital recovering. When I looked at the medical bill, and that I have to pay only 20% that is 9,600 BIF of the bill which was 48,000 Burundi francs, I was excited to see such discount and thankful because I could not be able to pay the bill. I am thankful to Buye Diocese.

BARENGAYABO Daphrose, 52 years old from Gashikanwa Parish, gave her testimony just after the distribution of the medical cards saying: I am widow since 10 years ago, and I have children to take care of. Frankly speaking when I and my children get sick, we have to sell some of our food stuff to afford the medical care and this lead us into a shortage of food. So as I get this card, I am hopeful that my family will not have any struggle in paying the medical bill. I do not have anything to pay back this noble assistance but I will serve my Lord up to the end of my life because it is showing me how far God loves us. My prayer goes to whom that God used to avail this card, including the Diocese of Edmonton as I heard that it is such Diocese in partnership with the Diocese of Buye that fundraised for it.

NDIKUMANA Gaudence, widow of 63 years old from Murama Parish: It is really good to have this medical card because for me who is old, I am likely to be sick every time and this card will obviously be helping paying 20% of the medical bill. So sometimes I was reluctant to go to the hospital due to fear about the bill, but now I am very confident that when I get sick I will go immediately to hospital before the sickness be complicated.

UWIMANA Ladegonde, 46 years from Kayanza Parish: I am from a poor family. I am appreciating this medical cards because it will enable all my family to afford medical care. My appreciations go to the Diocese of Buye and Edmonton for availing these cards for us who are in critical situation of poverty. This work is taking me into the Bible where Jesus said: “I was sick and you came to see me…” Please let the Bishop of the Diocese of Edmonton know that they work is not in vain because their reward is in heaven. Amen!

"I hope these testimonies will show you how great is the work of granting medical cards to vulnerable people," says Bishop Sixbert.