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On Sunday, April 22, Bishop Jane had the joy of presiding at a confirmation and renewal of baptismal vows in the parish of St. Paul in Leduc. 

Bishop Jane and Rector of St. Paul the Rev. Susan Ormsbee are pictured on the left and right of the group respectively. Pictured left to right in the front row are Jessica and Kaitlyn; in the middle row: Bernania, Brooklyn and Margaretha; in the back row: Benson and Conner.

Rev. Susan describes the process and the event:

In October, six teens decided to explore their faith and consider the next phase of their relationship with God. They met approximately every second week to discuss such topics as traditions, Anglicanism, prayer and faith in action. During Lent and Holy Week, the group attended many of the special services, a new experience for themselves and their parents! During an Anglicanism course in Lent one adult (Margaretha) decided that she would like to reaffirm her baptismal vows at this point in her faith journey; she too would be a part of the celebration. Finally, the day came – excitement filled the church. The service was a celebration of the community’s commitment to support each other to live in God’s way. Bishop Jane presented each with a backpack for the journey filled with useful items. The parish gave each a prayer shawl crafted by a circle of members to remind the newly confirmed that the community supports them in their faith journey. The celebration concluded with a potluck lunch and celebratory cake. A wonderful day at St. Paul, Leduc.