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Bishop Stephen London is pleased to appoint the Rev. Christopher Cook, rector at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Drayton Valley, as Chaplain to the Anglican Church Women (ACW) of Edmonton diocese.

In an article published in the ACW newsletter, In Touch, Cook says he had just finished a vestry meeting at All Saints’ in which he had been praising the good work of the ACW, when he learned of the appointment. In his own words: “I am humbled and honoured that our Bishop asked me and am thankful that God placed this on his heart.”

President of the diocesan ACW, Elaine Dickie, says the chaplain serves several functions for the group: acting as a liaison and advocate with the Bishop and other members of the clergy, presiding at Eucharist services at ACW regional meetings, and encouraging the membership through a regular column in the In Touch newsletter. Most importantly, she says, the chaplain “keeps the ACW executive mindful that our mission is, in this order, prayer, work and stewardship. We often find ourselves so focused on the work, that we neglect the prayer and reflection essential to carrying out our work within God's will. The chaplain acts as the compass that helps us steer the course.”

For his part, Cook is thrilled to take on the role. “As chaplain for the diocesan Anglican Church Women,” he says, “I am honoured and thankful to be involved with a ministry for which I have great enthusiasm. I wholeheartedly support the mission and work of the ACW. I look forward to working closely with its board and members even as I desire to promote, encourage, and pray for the excellent and wholesome ministry of the ACW throughout our diocese.”