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Estelle Rowles, of St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Edgerton, celebrated 99 years on Monday, April 27. Estelle is both a longtime member of St. Mary’s church and Edgerton.

Generally, members of the community celebrate milestones by gathering for coffee and cake at the local Oasis hotel. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing restrictions prevented that tradition from happening this year. Instead, Estelle’s daughter, Darnell Symington, arranged with the local mayor, Wendy Belik, for a 99th birthday drive-by parade in honour of Estelle. The line of traffic stretched for blocks through the village, located 240 KMs east of Edmonton.

With flashing lights, members of the local fire department and RCMP detachment brought up the rear of the convoy. Estelle smiled and waved from the end of her driveway (she still lives in her own home). Her friend and helper, Lea Perkins, stood with her and took pictures of each vehicle as it drove by displaying balloons and signs with birthday wishes for Estelle.

And what did Estelle think of her birthday parade? According to her daughter Darnell, she said, “It was better than a party!” Submitted by the Rev. Ann Marie Nicklin