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As of August 13, 2021, the bishop-elect and archdeacons of the Edmonton diocese have provided further guidance for parishes meeting together again.

Effective immediately and until September 26:

  • Masks must be worn when members of the congregation are not able to be seated with social distancing in place.
  • Masks must be worn for congregational singing.
  • Coffee-hour and bbq gatherings can resume (continue to refrain from potlucks for the time being), with safe food practices must be followed (see below).
  • Designated volunteers are required to pour and serve coffee/refreshments.
  • All food must be individually wrapped for coffee hours. In the case of community meals, food must be pre-plated and distributed by a volunteer.
  • Dirty dishes should be returned to a bin with a mixture of water and bleach. 
  • Children's ministry may resume (please choose outdoor ministry with children, whenever possible), again emphasising best practices around social distancing, mask-wearing and care. 
  • If you are indoors, masks are required until the end of September.
  • No parish is required to allow their space to be rented by an outside group if they are not comfortable with the request that they have received.

Guidance for Coffee Hour and Community Meals

  • Arrange tables and chairs so that a 2-meter distance can be maintained.
  • Provide enough space for people to maintain physical distancing.
  • Face masks must be worn when food is not being consumed.
  • Provide hand sanitiser stations at the entrance and exit of the coffee hall.
  • Develop a control-patron flow for patrons to maintain orderly movement.
  • Coffee should wash hands frequently. If gloves are to be worn, they must be replaced after a contamination contact. The coffee hosts will always be masked.
  • Coffee hosts will fill the coffee or beverage cup. Provide individual prepacked cream and sugar, or coffee host will dress the coffee/tea as requested.
  • Snack must be prepackaged and 'grab and go.' 
  • Silverware must be rolled; do not pre-set tables. The person performing this task must follow hand hygiene practices.
  • Community Meals and Potlucks (when allowed) will follow all the above-stated requirements. Meals must be served tableside by a serving host.
  • Serving host should maintain a 2-meter distance from patrons wherever possible, servers will wear a face mask.
  • The meals will be pre-organised: items are to be pre-plated and served tableside to the patron.
  • Prepacked condiments can be provided, or the serving host can dress the meals with the requested condiments.
  • Thoroughly sanitise each table after patrons leave.