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On Sunday, February 2, the congregation at Holy Trinity Riverbend welcomed their newest and youngest member. Baby Faye, dressed in a lovely white, sparkly dress, and looking very curious and delighted with all the attention, was dedicated and blessed through the service of the Thanksgiving for a Child. It was the perfect day for this service, falling on the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple. 

As everyone prayed for, and celebrated with Faye, her proud family surrounded her with an abundance of love and joy that was bursting at the seams. The Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Thompson, and the Rev. Rebecca Harris, officiated. 

Baby Faye’s parents, Marx and Chao, recently joined our congregation, after moving to Edmonton from Kenya. Both Marx and Chao have dived right in to the life of our parish, embracing the people and the liturgy, and offering to help in any way they can. We are thrilled that they chose Holy Trinity Riverbend to be their new church home. We look forward to seeing Faye grow through the years, as she joins the other children of our parish and they learn about God’s love for them.

Story by the Rev. Rebecca Harris, interim deacon-in-charge, Holy Trinity Riverbend, Edmonton