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Earlier this week, your parish was invited to participate in the first phase of the Diocese of Edmonton's strategic planning process, Listening in Spirit | Shaping Our Future Together, to thoughtfully consider our current state and position in the community and the broader world. 

To help the diocese shape a good future, Bishop Stephen London and the Strategic Planning Committee would like to hear what you think are the strengths and challenges of your local faith community. Continuing our journey Together on the Way, we value your local perspectives, experiences and reflections as a part of our collective story. The results of the parish engagement will be summarised by our consultant Anna Bubel, and presented for discernment and discussion at our Synod in October. 

There are two parts to the listening process: an online survey of parish members, and a parish engagement to be led by Anna, starting later this month. We hope the engagement can be held in person in your parish.

When you think about your parish community and the ways in which members are encouraged to live the Gospel, what comes to mind?

  • How does your faith community encourage its members to grow as disciples? Do you offer the Revive program? What is special and unique about your worship? How do you mentor and encourage children and youth and invite their participation?
  • Does your faith community partner and collaborate with other community organisations in  mutually beneficial relationships? Are you a food bank or warming hub? Do you host concerts, theatre productions and other cultural events?
  • How does your faith community promote cultural diversity? How do you provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe space? What potential barriers have you identified and addressed so that people of different abilities can participate fully in the life of your faith community?
  • How has your faith community utilised its location and property? Do you host community meals for your neighbours? Do you host programs for seniors who live nearby?
  • How does your faith community steward its resources to live the Gospel? Do you run a stewardship campaign to help people understand the importance of giving? What tools for giving, such as online giving, tap and pay, pre-authorised giving, do you provide?
  • What skills, knowledge and experience do the members of your faith community have and contribute? Are there people with trade skills who help with the upkeep and maintenance of your church? Are there people with creative and artistic ability who help with the visual elements of worship? Are there people with public speaking skills who read lessons, prayers and sermons? How are young members encouraged to contribute their energy and enthusiasm?