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An interfaith journey continued on Thursday, August 10 at Christ Church, as ladies and children led by Mrs. Samina Mian, Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association Edmonton West Chapter President, attended the 11:00 am church service. A question-and-answer session followed the service, and then all continued on a church tour. One young fellow was even invited to ring the church bell.

Christ Church parishioners and clergy have been invited to take part and attend the Ladies Annual Interfaith Symposium at the Ahmadiyya Mosque in the past, and this was a great opportunity to reciprocate hospitality. The interfaith relationship nurtured by the Ahmadiyya Mosque community and Christ Church communities through mutual ongoing love and respect, has been further strengthened by the Mian Family, who are regular contributors to the parish’s monthly community dinner program. Submitted by Sheila Moorey Photo: Iris Campbell