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The provincial government is currently unrolling its Non-profit Energy Efficiency Transition Program. This program will help parishes complete basic energy efficiency upgrades at no cost; enabling you to obtain items such as smart thermostats, duct and pipe insulation, door seals, water-saving devices, lights and timers. These upgrades will save energy and money and reduce your parish's carbon footprint. 

To apply, you will need to gather the following information:  

  • The year your building was constructed;
  • Building area in square metres;
  • Electricity data including site id and total annual consumption;
  • Gas data including site id and total annual consumption;
  • Plus contact information, building use and so on.  

More information is available at this link: Alberta Energy Efficiency Transition and click on the button marked ”Submit an Expression of Interest.” You can also email or call 1-844-357-5604.