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No Room in the Inn – an annual Christmas Opportunity  

Since 1999, No Room in the Inn has led a highly successful cross-denominational Christmas campaign to raise money for housing and housing improvements for those in need. No Room in the Inn is inspired by the story of Mary and Joseph, who arrived in Bethlehem to discover there was no room at the inn for them. They found a place in a stable, where they welcomed their son, Jesus.  

No one in our community should be without safe, adequate housing.  

By contributing to the 2018 No Room in the Inn campaign, the congregations of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton will help support Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS) in providing shelter, healing and resources for youth experiencing homelessness in Edmonton.  

For more information about YESS and No Room in the Inn, please see the brochures which are now available for parishes to pick up at the Synod Office. To donate: make a cheque payable to your parish and enter “No Room in the Inn” in the memo line. Drop the cheque in the Sunday collection basket (envelopes also available at the Synod Office) or mail to your parish. The parish will forward donations to YESS. You can also make a secure online donation at