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The Edmonton diocese is now accepting applications for the 2024-25 Lay Evangelist Formation Program. The formation will be led by the Rev. Tim Chesterton, Warden of Lay Evangelists, over 10 Saturday modules (approximate time frame 10 am to 3 pm), at Good Shepherd Anglican Church, 15495 Castle Downs Rd, Edmonton. We anticipate completing seven modules in 2024, and the remaining three in early 2025, concluding with a licensing of new evangelists later in the spring of 2025. If interested, please see the following documents and application forms:

  1. Lay Evangelists in the Diocese of Edmonton
  2. Lay Evangelists Outline of Modules 2024-25
  3. Lay Evangelists Application Process 2024
  4. Lay Evangelist Application Form 2024
  5. Rector Endorsement Form 2024
  6. Vestry Endorsement Form 2024