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This summer, to honour our out-going rector, the Rev. Susan Ormsbee, a planting of oak trees and mountain ash was undertaken on church property at St. Paul, Leduc. This will create a meditation garden which will also serve as a feeding area for local wildlife.   

The Oak, synonymous with English culture, is an ancient symbol of strength, survival, wisdom and divinity. The Ash is a symbol of immortality. The Bur Oaks will (in time) cast thousands of acorns in the fall, feeding woodpeckers, jays, geese and ducks, as well as squirrels. The rowan berries will supply food for a multitude of bird species over the course of many winters. Flowering shrubs and trees will support pollinating insects and birds. This is another example of how small projects come together to make a difference to the environment, local culture, and human spirituality. 

Submitted by Andrew J C Tait St. Paul, Leduc