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November 6-8 Weekend!

Are you ready to strengthen your most important relationship? Make 2020 the year to renew and deepen the connection in your marriage! Join us for a Marriage Encounter Weekend Nov 6-8th at the Providence Renewal Centre in Edmonton. 
*Strict COVID protocols will be followed.

Learn techniques to deepen your relationship through guided presentations that focus on a communication technique that is simple and effective. Check out our website for our registration brochure as well as more details & testimonials.

"At our Marriage Encounter Weekend we found like-minded people who prioritized their marriages and inspired us to nurture our relationship. We learned new skills and reconnected with each other on a much deeper level. Just like on our wedding day, we had the support of others who believed in marriage cheering us on!" - Salome and Andrew

More Marriage Encounter testimonials

  1. Sessions will run from Friday night to Sunday afternoon in a large auditorium to ensure proper physical distancing.
  2. Face masks will be worn at all times in public areas, except while you are seated at your own table in the auditorium. 
  3. Meals will be catered; ordered individually, packaged & delivered in twos (or couples). 
  4. You have a choice to stay in a double room at the Providence Centre with your own private bathroom or to go home at night to your own home.