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Clergy at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Edmonton were deeply blessed this week when they each received a homemade face mask, crafted by a person who wants to be identified simply as “a grateful parishioner.”  

This person has been busy through the pandemic so far, practicing physical distancing but maintaining social contact and encouragement of others through phone calls and emails. Sewing, which was for her initially a solitary pursuit, has turned into something more, even identified by others as a spiritual gift. So she got to work and made as many masks as she could until her supply of mask-making materials began to dwindle. Now she’s returned to completing other neglected sewing projects.  

As a recipient of one of these masks, and someone who does not sew, I can only say how touched I am by this gift, so significant in these strange days.  

Submitted by the Rev. Deacon Shelly King