Administration and Finance Committee
Toby Ramsden, Chair

Anglican Church Women
Judy Korop, President

Anglican Messenger 
Margaret Glidden, Edmonton Editor
Ph: 780-439-7344

Kathryn Ivany
Edmonton Archives: 780-496-8711
Provincial Archives: 780-427-1750

Barnabas Initiative
The Rt. Rev. Jane Alexander, Bishop of Edmonton

Bleeding Heart Ministry
The Ven. Travis Enright, St. Faith's Anglican Church

Cursillo Secretariat
David Holehouse, Lay Director
Barbara Lingelbach, Registrar/Treasurer

Diocesan Advisory and Response Team (DART)
Lois MacLean, Co-chair

Ecumenical Coordinator
The Rev. Dr. Scott Sharman

Educational Chaplain
The Rev. Heather Liddell

Assistant Ecumenical Officer
Dr. Jane Samson

Education for Ministry (EFM)
The Rev. Robin Walker, Coordinator

Environmental Stewardship:
The Rev. Billy Isenor, Environmental Chaplain

Examining Chaplains
The Rev. David Tiessen, Coordinator
St. Matthias, Edmonton
Phone: 780-487-0324

Hospital Visitors 
The Rev. Regula Brandle, Coordinator

Indigenous Ministry
The Rev. Canon Travis Enright, Canon Missioner
St. Faith's, Edmonton
Phone: 780-477-5931
The Rev. Lori Calkins, Priest
Fiona Brownlee, Aboriginal and Rural Communities Liaison

Lay Evangelists
The Rev. Tim Chesterton, Warden of Lay Evangelists

Lay Readers
The Rev. Nick Trussell, Warden of Lay Readers

Marriage Encounter
2019 WWME Weekend Registration and Info Couple
Tom and Marie Kennedy 
Phone: 780-459-9580

Weekend Coordinating Couple
Richard Pougnet and Lavonne Roloff

Prayer Book Society of Canada, Edmonton Branch
The Rev. Armand Mercier, President

Property and Planning Sub-committee
The Ven. Alan Perry
Phone: 780-439-7344

Dorothy Marshall, Diocesan Representative

Refugee Sponsorship
Gail Millard, Coordinator

Social Justice Committee
The Rev. Billy Isenor, Chair
Dorothy Marshall, Communications Coordinator