What kind of people are we looking for:

There is not a “one size fits all” personality profile for evangelists; they do not all have to be bubbly extroverts! But we can say in general that we are looking for people who:

  • Have an ongoing story of personal faith in Christ.
  • Have good devotional habits and are growing toward Christian maturity.
  • Believe that God wants people who are not yet followers of Jesus to turn to faith and Christian discipleship through the ministry of the whole people of God.
  • Have a sense of excitement about being part of that process (even if it scares them too!).
  • Have already been involved in some sort of outreach ministry with the parish and/or beyond, preferably including some experience of sharing their faith story with others.
  • Love people, enjoy conversation, and don’t spend all their time in a Christian ‘bubble’.
  • Enjoy thinking outside the box, trying new things, taking risks, and stepping out in faith.

Process (N.B.: sometimes the order of the steps varies!)

  1. Parish makes the “Lay Evangelists in the Diocese of Edmonton” leaflet available, and/or directs people’s attention to materials on the diocesan website and the “Lay Evangelists in the Diocese of Edmonton” Facebook page.
  2. Clergy and parish leaders take the initiative in approaching potential candidates for evangelistic ministry and talking to them about the program.
  3. Potential candidates have a conversation with their rector (the Warden of Lay Evangelists is also available for exploratory conversations, face-to-face or via Zoom/Facetime).
  4. Warden of Lay Evangelists meets with vestry to explain what the program is all about, answer questions, etc.
  5. Candidate fills out application form.
  6. Rector and vestry endorse candidate’s application and forward it to Warden of Lay Evangelists.
  7. Warden of Lay Evangelists has a formal interview with the candidate to ascertain their suitability for training.
  8. Successful candidates are enrolled as Evangelists-in-Training and begin the formation program.