The training modules will cover such things as:

  • The story of God’s love
  • Surprise the World (a rule of life for missional Christians)
  • Sharing your faith with others in the context of genuine caring relationships.
  • Helping a person become a follower of Jesus.
  • How to help new disciples grow
  • Addressing big questions and common objections to the Christian faith.
  • Evangelistic preaching and testimony
  • Running effective inquirers’ courses

There will also be some “homework” to complete between the modules.

On successful completion of the training, and the recommendation of their rector and the warden of evangelists, the Bishop may license candidates as evangelists in the Diocese of Edmonton. The license will be for a specified period, and renewal is at the Bishop’s discretion.

After Training and Licensing…

…comes the adventure of sharing the gospel, working in step with the Holy Spirit, and seeing people come to a new joy through faith in Jesus Christ!

In order to help this happen, the warden of evangelists will help you negotiate a working agreement with your parish, which will specify such things as which specific tasks you will be working on, how many volunteer hours you will be expected to give to this work, how the parish will support you, and how continuing education will take place. You will be expected to give regular reports on your work, and the parish, the diocese and the warden of evangelists will be there to support you and cheer for you! The diocese will also organize regular opportunities for continuing education so that you can grow your skills and learn new ways of becoming more effective in the ministry to which God has called you.

When Can This Happen?

We hope to begin our next formation process early in 2024 and complete it in the first part of 2025.

For More Information:

Contact the Diocesan Warden of Lay Evangelists, the Rev. Tim Chesterton, at